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  • Core Veterinary Services, Riverbank
    Core Veterinary Services, Riverbank

    Comprehensive Core Services

    Our Riverbank team offers all of the core services your pet requires to stay healthy and happy, from routine checkups and vaccinations to geriatric care and internal medicine.

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  • Comprehensive Dental Care, Riverbank
    Comprehensive Dental Care, Riverbank

    Quality Veterinary Dental Care

    Our vets offer comprehensive dental care services to your pet, helping to maintain and improve their oral health. From cleaning and polishing to x-rays and surgeries, our vets are here for your pet.

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  • Welcoming New Patients, Riverbank
    Welcoming New Patients, Riverbank

    Welcoming New Patients

    We are always thrilled to welcome new patients and clients to our veterinary family. We make it our mission to ensure that each of your visits are quick, convenient, low stress and satisfactory.

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Welcome to Our Riverbank Animal Hospital

River Oak Veterinary Hospital is a full-service pet hospital that offers medical services for cats and dogs in Riverbank and the surrounding areas. We look forward to caring for your pet.

From preventive care and surgery to dental services, our broad and varied service offerings can meet all of your pet’s health needs in one place.

Our team of friendly, knowledgeable staff and experienced veterinarians have been providing high-quality veterinary care since 1952. In that time we have developed a well-deserved reputation for professionalism, compassion, and dedication to each and every one of our patients.

Whether you are bringing your pet in to see us for the first time, or have been counting on our veterinary team for decades, we will treat your animal as if it was our own.

About Our Hospital

Preventive Care at Riverbank Animal Hospital

Preventive Care

Put your pet's long term health first with parasite prevention treatments and vaccinations.

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Routine Care at Riverbank Animal Hospital

Routine Care

Bring your pet in for routine wellness checkups to detect, diagnose and treat illnesses before they take root.

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Dental Care at Riverbank Animal Hospital

Dental Care

We provide comprehensive dental care to your pet, from basic exams, cleanings and polishing to surgeries.

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Surgical Care at Riverbank Animal Hospital

Surgical Care

Our vets offer specialized surgical care, from reproductive surgeries to bone surgery to help your pet stay healthy.

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In-House Pharmacy & Lab

Our veterinary team support our high quality of care with an advanced in-house diagnostic lab and pharmacy to provide rapid diagnoses and prescriptions to our patients.

From digital x-rays, surgical lasers, ultrasound to ECG and blood transfusions, our lab offers the tools and technology to ensure that we can deliver fast, efficient and accurate diagnoses for your pet's health issues. And with our pharmacy, we make picking up your prescriptions easier than ever.

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Riverbank vet at River Oak Veterinary Hospital

  • If you are the type of person who loves their pet "beyond measure", then I feel certain you'll be happy visiting River Oak Veterinarian. Dr. Mike Hellman is the ONLY vet I want to have take care of my animals because he's built such a history not only with the pet, but, with me as well!
    Sharon S.

Senior Pet Care at Riverbank pet hospital

Senior Pet Care

We provide routine wellness examinations for early diagnosis and proactive treatment of your senior pet.  

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Acupuncture at Riverbank pet hospital


Our vets offer acupuncture as a rehabilitative therapy to help reduce pain and promote healing following an injury or medical procedure.

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nternal Medicine at Riverbank pet hospital

Internal Medicine

We provide diagnosis and treatment for internal conditions, from lung disease to brain disorders for pets.

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Pet Maintenance & Care at Riverbank pet hospital

Pet Maintenance & Care

Our vets offer pet maintenance and quality of life services to our clients in addition to our core veterinary services.

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Tips & Advice From Our Riverbank Vets

Regardless of whether you are searching for advice about common illnesses, parasite protection or your pet's diet, our informative blog offers advice and tips from our Riverbank vets which will help keep your pets happy and healthy.

Your Comprehensive Guide to C-Section in Dogs

Your Comprehensive Guide to C-Section in Dogs

The vast majority of dogs are able to deliver puppies without help from a vet, but now and then problems arise and a C-section is necessary. How can you tell if your dog needs a C-section, and how much will it cost? Find out.

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Broken Jaws in Dogs: Causes & Treatments

Broken Jaws in Dogs: Causes & Treatments

Dogs may experience significant pain and fear when they sustain a jawbone fracture. The veterinarians at River Oak Veterinary Hospital are available to guide you through understanding the cause of broken jaws in dogs, the appropriate treatment, and how to care for your furry friend afterward.

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Kitten First Vet Visit - What to Expect & What it Will Cost

Kitten First Vet Visit - What to Expect & What it Will Cost

Have you welcomed a new kitten into your heart and home? Here, you'll find information on what to expect from your kitten's first vet visit and why it's important.

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Making the Most of Your Pet's Routine Exam: What to Ask Your Vet

Making the Most of Your Pet's Routine Exam: What to Ask Your Vet

In this article, our Riverbank vets discuss the importance of routine exams for pets, how you can prepare for them, and share some questions to ask your veterinarian.

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New Patients Welcome

At River Oak Veterinary Hospital, we always welcome new patients to our veterinary family. Our experienced veterinarians are passionate about pet health and providing quality lifelong care to Riverbank pets. Contact us to book your first appointment.

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