Here, at River Oak Veterinary Hospital, we have collected some helpful resources for our clients to help them learn more about veterinary care and address issues with lost, poisoned, or ill pets in Riverbank and the Central Valley area. 

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Poison Control

The American Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals offers a 24hr Animal Poison Control hotline to help you if you suspect your pet may have ingested poison.

There is a consultation fee for this service's use.

City of Oakdale Animal Services

Find information about animal licenses, shelter hours, and emergency services for animals in Riverbank and Oakdale.

They also offer advice for locating lost pets, links to trusted adoption options and a list of city ordinances concerning pets.

Animal Services

Find information about pet adoption, relevant laws, and licenses for related to animals and pet ownership in Central Valley.

They also provide resources for finding lost pets and handling stray, injured or dangerous animals.

California Veterinary Medical Association

If you require information about veterinary practices in California or you are moving and are looking for a new vet in your area, look no further. 

You can also use the CVMA to stay up to date on the latest veterinary news and food recalls.

The Path Veterinary Care

As pets get older they have a new and special set of needs. The Path Veterinary Care provides mobile senior, alternative and hospice care for pets in many areas of Central Valley. 

Dr. Lindsay Croom looks at not only traditional or alternative options but strives to integrate the two to practice integrative medicine, serving the whole animal. She also providing supportive care at the end of life and work with your veterinarian to create a care plan that is best for you and your pet.